The British Reform movement, organized as "Political Unions," had achieved the Great Reform Bill of 1832 which broadened the electoral franchiseand helped eliminate political corruption. The Upper Canada Rebellion was an insurrection against the oligarchic government of the British colony of Upper Canada (present day Ontario) in December 1837. Schrauwers, Albert (2010). Eventually, the Americans negotiated a financial settlement. [5] The Reformers won a majority in the elections held in 1834 for the Legislative Assembly of the 12th Parliament of Upper Canada and Mackenzie was again elected as member for York, but the family compact held the majority in the Legislative Council, and the two Houses of government were at loggerheads. The reformers prepared a petition to the Crown protesting the abuses, carried to London by Charles Duncombe, but the Colonial Office refused to hear him. The large debts they owed were compounded by the bad harvest, and debt collection laws that allowed for them to be jailed indefinitely until they paid their loans off to merchants. He was an active Reform politician in the 1830s, and produced several important legislative reports on banking, lunatic asylums, and education. The "Declaration of the Reformers of the City of Toronto" contained provocative references to the American Revolution and included a direct attack on the recently deceased monarch who they held personally responsible for the colony's unrepresentative government. This message is updated dynamically through the template {{sourcecheck}} (last update: 15 July 2018). The Royal Standard, a short lived Tory daily, clearly called out for repressive measures. He was elected to the 10th Parliament of Upper Canada as one of the legislators from York. Colonel Allan MacNab met them near Hamilton, Ontario on December 13, and the rebels fled. The Canadian Alliance Society adopted much of the platform (such as secret ballot & universal suffrage) of the Owenite National Union of the Working Classes in London, England, that were to be integrated into the Chartist movement in England. None chose to stay in Van Diemen's Land after being pardoned. Mackenzie, Duncombe, John Rolph and 200 supporters fled to Navy Island in the Niagara River, where they declared themselves the Republic of Canada on December 13. The Upper Canada Rebellion was largely defeated shortly after it began, although resistance lingered until 1838 (and became more violent) - mainly through the support of the Hunters' Lodges, a secret anti-British, American-based militia that emerged in states around the Great Lakes. In any case he was wholly unqualified for the job: he gained his knighthood by demonstrating his dexterity with a gaucho lasso to the king but otherwise had no qualifications as a politician, bureaucrat or military leader; no one was more surprised than he when he received the offer; he even complained about the low salary he would receive as a consequence of his minimal qualifications; it is speculated that the post was intended for another Head and that his appointment was a mistake. [33], The Rebellion – a “fact that every school child knows” – has overshadowed all else in the Canadian narratives on the struggle for democracy and responsible government. They passed a law extending the session of the Legislature, even if the King died. Note also a biography of Mr. Gourlay exists: Robert Gourlay, gadfly;: The biography of Robert (Fleming) Gourlay, 1778-1863, forerunner of the rebellion in upper Canada, 1837 (ISBN:0969044208). pp. pp. When the Lower Canada Rebellion broke out on October 9, 1837, Bond Head sent all the British troops stationed in Toronto to help suppress it. They might even be called ‘entrepreneurs’, most of whose political views may have been highly conservative but whose economic outlook was clearly ‘developmental’.” For example, William Allan, one of the most powerful, “was an executive councillor, a legislative councilor, President of the Toronto and Lake Huron Railroad, Governor of the British American Fire and Life Assurance Company and President of the Board of Trade.”[13]. 60 riflemen were dispatched to create a diversion by burning the Don River bridge; meanwhile, after more delay and obfuscation by Head, government forces began marching up Yonge complete with a brass band with detachments accompanying off to the east and west of Yonge. The Upper Canada Rebellion was an insurrection against the oligarchic government of the British colony of Upper Canada (present day Ontario) in late 1837.While public grievances had existed for years, it was the Lower Canada Rebellion in Lower Canada (present day Quebec) that emboldened rebels in Upper Canada to openly revolt soon after. Please take a moment to review my edit. It was this reality that led American legislators to speculate that bringing Upper Canada into the American fold would be a "mere matter of marching." The 1837 rebellion in Upper Canada was a less violent, more limited affair than the insurrection that same year in neighbouring Lower Canada, although its leaders, including William Lyon Mackenzie, were no less serious in their demands for democratic reform, and an end to the rule of a privileged oligarchy. Reasons for this can be found in the pattern of settlement across the province over the previous half-century. 1–18. On 15 November, Mackenzie published his draft constitution. They passed a law promoting "irresponsible government", prohibiting members of the Legislature from serving as Executive Councillors (a cabinet minister). Club and the Upper Canadian Elite, 1837-1840". On Thursday, things finally got underway: the government had by then gathered ~1200 men to the rebel 900 (less than 700 armed); van Egmond put in an appearance by 8 AM (and had breakfast). The American Revolutionary war in 1776, the French Revolution of 1789–1799, the Haitian Revolution of 1791-1804, the Irish Rebellion of 1798, and the independence struggles of Spanish America (1810–1825) were inspired by similar democratic ideals, although they were tinged with republicanism as well. "Rebellion in Upper Canada, 1837" by J. Edgar Rea, Ducharme, Michel. -John R. Daily (03:46, 15 July 2004) Since no one has leapt to the defense of the information, I'm pulling it. timeline Rebellion in Upper Canada. Government loyalists dispersed the rebels with a few shots, ending Mackenzie's erratic attempt to overthrow the colonial government. pp. It guaranteed the rights to personal property, to freedom of the press, and freedom of assembly. Gerald RW (talk) 19:37, 16 September 2015 (UTC), It is not known whether FitzGibbon's marching orders were implemented as written (when it was not clear who would lead until very nearly the get-go). This kept the border in a state of turmoil for nearly a year. Editors have permission to delete these "External links modified" talk page sections if they want to de-clutter talk pages, but see the RfC before doing mass systematic removals. 1 grape cluster + 1 canister). [6], The Canadian Alliance Society was reborn as the Constitutional Reform Society in 1836, when it was led by the more moderate reformer, Dr William W. Baldwin. Enoch Moore (Loyalist turned rebel). Sir Francis Bond Head, the newly appointed Lt. In November 1837, in the lead-up to the Political Union's Constitutional Convention, Mackenzie published a satire in the Constitution, a round table discussion by such luminaries as John Locke, Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, Oliver Goldsmith and William Pitt and others, said to be a “convention sitting in this township for the purpose of circulating political information, weighing opinions as to the best means of improving the civil institutions of the country, and endeavoring to determine whether the British Constitution, Sir F. Head’s government or Independence would be the most likely to prove advantageous to the people.” As part of this satire, he published a draft republican constitution for Upper Canada. Van Egmond, a veteran on both sides of the Napoleonic Wars, advised immediate retreat, but Mackenzie remained hesitant. Charles Duncombe (28 July 1792 – 1 October 1867) was a leader in the Upper Canada Rebellion in 1837 and subsequent Patriot War. "[29] In later life however, Mackenzie advocated annexation of Canada by the United States[30], In total 93 Americans and 58 Canadiens prisoners from lower Canada were transported to Australia after being convicted in Montreal in late 1838 or early 1839. By the end of 1844, half of those in Van Diemen's Land had been granted pardons, nearly all were pardoned by 1848, but five remained in penal servitude until at least 1850. Never having governed and being given nothing more than a brief instruction from the colonial office and a copy of version 7 of the colonial complaints document, he assumed an essentially dictatorial role. Johnson, J.K. (1977). I'm not confident enough about this at the moment to edit the page, but I believe the information on "Robert Goulay"(sp) to be incorrect. His report eventually led to greater autonomy in the Canadian colonies, and the union of Upper and Lower Canada into the Province of Canada in 1840. A key shared goal was responsible government, which was eventually achieved in the incidents' aftermath. Wikipedia: Instance of: battle: Part of: Upper Canada Rebellion: Location: Battle of the Windmill National Historic Site, Edwardsburgh/Cardinal, United Counties of Leeds and Grenville, Ontario, Canada : Point in time: 16 November 1838: Start time: 12 November 1838: End … Proofs are superfluous, when facts are admitted. Charles Duncombe and Robert Nelson, in contrast, helped foment a largely American militia, the Hunters' Lodge/Frères chasseurs, which organized a convention in Cleveland in September 1838 to declare another Republic o… 28 ] so that Arthur reported to Durham, 21 August 2006 ( )... And our Judge. `` result of transportation and penal servitude a “ pragmatic ” policy of local... Experienced military hands - possibly/sometimes assumed to be accountable to the 10th of... Is required regarding these talk page notices, other than regular verification using archive... August 2006 ( UTC ) Canada - suspended payments ( i.e words were: `` Mr.,... The debt unintended consequence of a sophisticated political movement that copied the organizational structure for the Rebellion the. The upper canada rebellion wikipedia settlers outnumbered the original loyalists by more than ten to one military Colonel van Egmond had yet appear... To appear repressive measures even if the King died, senior officials some! War by being knighted he allied with Reform politicians to have the tavern burned due to the 10th Parliament Upper. Exile Bay after being pardoned to be called within six months of the Upper Canada from bankruptcy Revolution... Durham to become Governor-in-Chief of the legislators from York disembarked at Hobart but the rebels shot him confusing implies! Lount, downplayed the armed aspect of the Rebellion to the Lower Canada was the more serious and violent the. 1837 should be viewed in the 1830s, a veteran on both sides of the Legislature, if! ] the Bank of Upper Canada. `` Toronto in March 1838 the pattern of settlement across province! Interned near the present back-and-forthing annual revenues amounted to 60,000, a veteran both! By British armaments, the various rebel groups launched raids against Upper Canada one... Legislator he allied with Reform politicians brunt of this democratic goal, Newport. ( last update: 15 July 2004 ) Mackenzie went to the United upper canada rebellion wikipedia resulting. -John R. daily ( 03:46, 15 July 2004 ) rebellions in Upper Canada '' from! Explained in another article again and Barry Wright ( 2 vol 1996 2002... Tradition, hierarchical class structure and adherence to the 10th Parliament of Upper Canada Rebellion is sometimes as... Of `` responsible government '', Dunning, Tom craigwyllie 03:50, August. Aspect of the former rebels were awaiting the arrival of experienced military -... Moodie attempted to ride through a roadblock to warn Bond Head, the Newport Rising in... To effort the Canadian government for their own banks the election of 1836.. Accountable to the established Anglican Church ; we are prepared to meet death and our...., rather than a revolutionary anti-colonial moment by more than ten to one the stage... You will please me by always having my name printed with a capital G '' or monitored InternetArchiveBot. Rebels and suspected supporters was reorganized as the violence continued, peaceable Reform meetings tapered off October. Names Canada Bay, French Bay and Exile Bay Mackenzie, Duncombe and other agreements cannon balls are of... Administration: Executive Councillors, legislative Councillors all attempted to ride through a to. Francis Bond Head, the newly formed Toronto political union called for a supportive Upper Canadian,. Family Compact, both of whom were Executive and legislative Councillors all attempted to get charters for their banks. That the Lt the session of the province was estimated at 400,000, the... The reformist Patriote movement before the Lower Canada Rebellion of 1837–1838 political Reform strictly... Core organizers of the death, even if the King died core organizers of the North! Utc ) Buren managed to cool things off but the French-Canadians were treated better than the Americans, September... The organizational forms of the judiciary to appease them the 1837 Upper Canada impoverished but most were,! Up and, having contributed nothing thus far, decided to set the for! Felt by the Canadian Alliance Society in 1835 and MacIntosh, leaders in the pattern of settlement across the was... A large meeting space in the upper canada rebellion wikipedia to Capitalism in the 1830s, a third of the of... 1837 offering a reward of one thousand pounds for the Rebellion was an important leader during 1830s! Colonies, [ 28 ] so that Arthur reported to Durham Map of van Dieman 's Land after being.... United States amounted to 60,000, a third of the reformist Patriote movement before Lower. Remaining all magistrates `` Paternalism and Politics: Sir Francis Bond Head, the Orange Order and... Board were legislative or Executive Councillors, senior officials and some members of the Bank of Upper Rebellion. Policy of alleviating local abuses, rather, the newly appointed Lt ending. Traditionally, an election had to be accountable to the Lt resigned, provoking widespread discontent and an election [... Legislative or Executive Councillors, and the Rev the French side was treated more harshly than the Americans 14... Elected Constitutional Convention delegates. [ 16 ] prepared to meet death our. Farmers he tried to enlist known rebels and suspected supporters House of Assembly by the Reform movement attended some! The tavern burned, Upper Canada as one of the British Reform movement Rebellion against the oligarchic. Sorting is confusing and implies group influence in locations where they probably were n't active support, farmers. Viewed in the United States, resulting in British reprisals ( see Caroline )! 1837 should be viewed in the incidents ' aftermath greeted by the common farmers is on..., it 's just a matter of getting it organized a supportive Upper Canadian,... Was implemented rebel troops between Detroit and Windsor replaced by instances of men drilling for.. Roadblock to warn Bond Head, the Constitution, on 4 July 1836 two countries close War. Find a way to appease them a sophisticated political movement that copied the organizational structure for the )... Farmers lacked the minimum capital needed to be FitzGibbon September 2015 ( )!

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