He formed a bond with both Maki and L throughout their escape. [12], Obata said that when he discovered that another Shinigami would appear on Earth, he filed through designs and nominated Sidoh and Daril Ghiroza. Unlike the manga, he is somewhat doubtful of L's deductions and observations and even engages in open conflict against L, when he suspects and attempts to attack Light, out of suspicion that he is "Kira", which eventually boils down to the point that James issues an arrest warrant and manhunt for L, who decides to hunt down Light, after L's handler/foster-father: Watari is seemingly murdered by "Kira". L has many aliases, though he acquired the ones Eraldo Coil and Deneuve in a battle between the real detectives. Light touches the Death Note while inspecting it, thereby regaining his memories of being the real Kira. "[72] Shiori is dubbed by Ashleigh Ball for the English dub of Death Note. Since she is a professional criminal, she is known solely in the underworld. The series centers around Light's attempt to … He is kidnapped by Mello in order to be used as a hostage in exchange for the Death Note. However, her real name is uncovered by Light through the wedding documents held by the church where she and Raye had planned to marry. Gelus is reduced to a pile of "something that was not sand nor dust," as punishment for extending a human life, leaving behind only his Death Note. death note netflix white washing the chatterati Death Note casting. Mikami makes a cameo appearance in Death Note: Light Up the New World serving as the guardian to Light's young son, Hikari Yagami (夜神光, Yagami Hikari). ), Eraldo Coil (エラルド=コイル Erarudo Koiru? Watari is L's assistant, providing logistics to the investigation team. Obata said that he gave Mikami glasses since "glasses are in these days." The Yotsuba Group is a group of eight characters present in the anime and manga versions of Death Note; the characters are members of the Yotsuba Corporation. [23] Obata designed Soichiro to look like a "stereotypical detective", retaining the mustache and glasses found in Ohba's concepts. Add Episode. Mogi was originally introduced to "fill the cast", though Ohba later planned to use Mogi for "something really amazing" and "surprising" since Mogi is a "silent type. Don't forget to heart, comment, and follow for more cool quizzes. Mason dies due to the Death Note. He capitulates to Kira and officially announces support for him. as a character is present only in the films. [32] In Death Note: Light Up the New World, Matsuda joins the new Death Note task force in order to bring the new Kira to justice. Described by How to Read as formerly a "first rate" FBI agent[42], Naomi left the Bureau in October 2003[43] for the sake of starting a family in the United States. Higuchi is the head Technological Development, and is secretly the Yotsuba Kira. The only thing known about his past before going to Wammy's House is that his father was beaten to death by a thug and his mother died in a train crash. However, in the live-action drama, Soichiro is portrayed by Yutaka Matsushige, which differs greatly from his other counterparts. He is portrayed by Narushi Fukuda in L: Change the World and by Mio Yūki in the television drama. While Light is certainly a cool character, he came off as the usual charismatic fuckboy. Ohba said that he "wavered" in their ages and considered making the characters the sons of L. Ohba added that he did not initially develop their personalities as he wanted to "reveal" them through their actions. Misa reveals her admiration of Kira and uses her status as the second Kira to get him to propose to her and admit to being Kira on tape. 0. He also seems to be a chain smoker. Shinigami are functionally immortal, able to extend their lives indefinitely by writing the names of humans in their Death Notes. It is this closeness that causes Soichiro to notice changes in Light's behavior, and - is a huge departure from the source material - leads him to suspect his son when L suggests the possibility. Kyosuke Higuchi (火口 卿介, Higuchi Kyōsuke?) He (like Wedy) is referenced to, but does not appear in, Death Note: Another Note. Well, here's a quiz you can take! Misa Amane is a popular Japanese idol, who is known for her Gothic-style of dress, hyperactive personality and devotion to Light, falling in love with him after he kills her parents' murderer. Because Light has given up his Death Note, making his lifespan visible above his head, Soichiro dies believing that Light is not Kira. Also, while Ryuk is ambivalent to Light's success or failure, Rem actively assists Misa, having inherited Gelus's love for her. Aizawa uses the alias Aihara (相原?) Although being returned unharmed, Sayu falls into a state of shock, eventually becoming unresponsive to the presence of others. 0 0 ♥Sing It For Japan♥ Lv … In the film series, Soichiro, portrayed by Takeshi Kaga, survives - discovering that Light is Kira and holding him as he dies - but chooses to hide the knowledge from his family. and appearing in the manga, is the head of a special forces unit that is stationed in the Middle East. [40], Commander Anthony Rester, real name Anthony Carter (アンソニー・カーター, Ansonī Kātā), is the second-in-command and the lead crime scene investigator. Light eventually romances her in order to covertly deliver messages to Mikami, and have her use pages of the Death Note to judge criminals as part of Light's plan. ), works for Near as part of his investigation team. [58]. [37][38] In the anime, he dies of a heart attack in front of his wife and son. After L's death, Light kills her using his Death Note; Mary Kenwood dies in a motorcycle accident[41] in Colorado. His supposed immunity to the virus also contributed to the antidote-making process by him providing his blood and thus leading to a positive outcome. [18] Obata based Mikami's design on Taro Kagami, the main character in the pilot chapter of the series. [29], The character design of Teru Mikami was modeled on Taro Kagami from the pilot. Though not having any real concept behind Sayu's design, artist Takeshi Obata states that he often encounters difficulty in drawing female characters not central to the storyline. Taro Kagami (鏡 太郎, Kagami Tarō?) "[4][12] Obata described Matsuda as the sole character who "looks younger" during the Near and Mello arc. Light then tells the investigation team that he will be pretending to be Takada's boyfriend to catch Kira. [14] He did not know that Ukita was to die, so he was surprised after learning about it. Rester follows Near except in emergency situations. When Light discovers the Death Note, feeling enraged by the lack of punishment for his mother's murderer, he kills Skomal by making him impale himself on a steak knife during a dinner out. See the Manga Timeline for more! In the live-action films, her character is portrayed by actress Hikari Mitsushima, and since the mafia does not play a role, she is not kidnapped. David Hoope (デイビット・ホープ, Deibitto Hōpu?) Obata felt that Matsuda's character concept consisted of an "average young detective", and that because Matsuda's character was not unique and his actions were not consistent, something Obata sees in himself, he did not like the character or how it pointed out his "own inconsistency. [24][25] He was the head of Technology Development at the Yotsuba Corporation, and is part of the Yotsuba Group, eight members of the Yotsuba Corporation that use the Death Note to kill individuals from competing companies to dominate the business industry. [4] His birthday is December 14, 1978.[8]. Light Yagami, the main character, is depicted as the deadliest of them. The Vice President of Rights and Planning, Kida controls the finances of the committee and contacts "Eraldo Coil.". Even throwing in a few evil chuckles for good measure." He felt that L would never be able to solve the case if he, the murderer, were "murdered", meaning he would have outwitted L. Naomi Misora, however, figured out his plan at the last moment, saving Beyond Birthday's life while at the same time putting him under arrest for his murders. Ryuk convinces Light to take action by writing down Doyle's name and his manner of death. He did not know that Ukita was to die, so he was surprised after learning about it. 1 Alien 2 A Nightmare on Elm Street 3 Ant Man 4 Armageddon 5 Arrow 6 Avatar 7 Avengers 8 Batman 9 Beast Wars/Beast Machines 10 Bohemian Rhapsody 11 Bourne 12 Buffy the Vampire Slayer 13 Captain America 14 Captain Marvel 15 Charlotte's … After being exposed as the new Kira, Ryuzaki pardons Mishima and appoints him as his successor before his death. He appears to be fond of Misa, as is seen when he worries that Misa's comments about Takada could get her killed. Also, like L, Near likes to stack objects such as dice, while L likes to stack sugar cubes. Anime always has been a breathtaking and impressive animation genre, but it's taken some … She (like Aiber) is referenced to, but does not appear in, Death Note: Another Note. Later, when he takes matters into his own hands and builds a chapel to greet Kira, asking for donations, which would give Kira a bad image, Mikami kills him for being greedy, and he is replaced by Takada. Despite this, perhaps even because of this, he is a particularly good detective. Our Death Note list separates certain characters into various "teams," "factions," "groups," etc. After L's death, Light kills her using his Death Note; Mary Kenwood dies in a motorcycle accident[35] in Colorado. He is a felon who managed to be acquitted of all his crimes (including the one of Light's mother murder) using his wealth and power, Skomal's multiple crimes without conviction lead to the media nicknaming him "the Teflon Criminal". Obata believes that if he drew Aiber and Wedy to look "a little bit more original", Ohba could have included the characters in a larger role in Death Note. His killings are eventually labelled by people of Japan as the work of "Kira." In the films, he is known as Raye Iwamatsu (レイ・イワマツ, Rei Iwamatsu?) Matsuda believes that Near wrote in the Death Note to manipulate and restrict Mikami's actions. This shinigami was featured in the director's cut OVA, Death Note Re-Light: Visions of a God. Tsukuru Mishima is recruited by Soichiro Yagami to serve as leader of the Death Note task force that is created in response to a surge of killings by new Death Note users. On Light's instruction, Rem delivers the Death Note to one of them. The real L announces that Tailor was a decoy, a criminal on death row, and discovers that Kira cannot kill the real L without having seen his face, and that Kira is in Kanto, as that was the only area that the appearance was actually broadcast in. Naomi is one of the central characters in the spinoff novel Death Note Another Note: The Los Angeles BB Murder Cases by author Nisio Isin. In the drama series, Matsuda is portrayed by Gōki Maeda. Aizawa returns after L's death, where he is one of the first to suspect Light of being Kira (although he continues to act compassionately towards Light until he is cornered, and goes mad), and helps contribute to his eventual defeat. To regain his Note, Sidoh agrees to help Mello's gang against Near's SPK and the Kira investigation team. Hosokawa said that when he portrayed Raye he built Raye's strength, tenderness and the "feeling of mortification."[37]. in the Japanese version), real name Dwhite Gordon (Dwhite Godon (ドワイト・ゴードン, Dowaito Gōdon?) [33] His birthday is May 11, 1969. Osoreda boards a bus and holds a gun to the driver's head. As this incident was reported only on local television, it helped L narrow down Kira's whereabouts. As his names suggests, Justin's appearance is that of a skeleton adorned with all manner of jewellery. Have you watched the anime or are you too scared to do so? She admits that Ryuk is better at judging such things, then gives the extra Death Note to him.[18]. Obata added that he could "create Matt naturally" as he had a "he probably won't do much" mentality regarding characters introduced in the Near and Mello arc. Soichiro was envisioned as an "honest police officer with a strong sense of justice" that the reader "would have to feel sorry for everything he has to go through." This made her eventual murder at the hands of Light's Death Note even more surprising. The Vice President of Marketing, Hatori is the illegitimate son of the company president and uses this fact to benefit himself. Patricia Kaye Jallorina . Light kills Raye soon after. [60], Eiichi Takahashi is the Vice President of Yotsuba Material Planning Division and Yotsuba Homes. "[34], According to Obata, his editor told him that Aiber was a "sarcastic, comic relief" character. [9], Obata added that the designs for the characters became switched at the design phase; the final Mello had Near's design and vice versa. Death Note Photos. [55] Kitty Sensei of OtakuZone had her opinions of the film portrayal of Shiori published in The Star, a Malaysian newspaper. [20] In the second Death Note rewrite special, Mikami is the one to kill the SPK (after Light blackmails the US President to leak information about the SPK, which he, in turn, forwards to Takada and Mikami), rather than the mafia, as shown in the manga. I'll pick the best answer so please answer & thank you for your time;) Source(s): death note main character: https://biturl.im/X3mJr. At the very end of the novel, the narrator, Mello, states that Beyond Birthday died of a mysterious heart attack several years later in prison. Mogi rarely speaks, even when someone presents an opinion he agrees with. Mello does not appear in the films. Third, Light simply has several advantages the other characters don't. By writing the name of a human whose fated time of death has not yet come, Shinigami have their lifespan increased by the amount that human would have lived (e.g. Naomi Misora (南空 ナオミ, Misora Naomi?) This was to give the impression that she has matured alongside Light, and was a good partner for him. Takeshi Obata said that Touta Matsuda, pictured here, was "hard to predict and thus hard to draw.". Because she was able to uncover crucial plot information "faster than... thought", Ohba decided to end her character early to avoid facing complications with the story development later on. [6], Obata said that when he first saw Near he "didn't even know what the heck he was wearing". He was told that Mikami was supposed to be a "stoic character like Light" while not knowing that Mikami was a prosecutor and a follower of Kira. Light writes Naomi's name to have her commit suicide. The only way to kill a Shinigami is through love for a human (e.g. Naomi is one of the central characters in the spinoff novel Death Note Another Note: The Los Angeles BB Murder Cases by author Nisio Isin. After Sidoh tracks down his Death Note, Jack was forced by Mello and Ross to perform the eye trade with the Shinigami (in the manga only). Rod Ross, real name Dwhite Gordon (ドワイト・ゴードン, Dowaito Gōdon), is the head of the mafia Ross follows Mello's orders. pl:Lista bohaterów Death Note Jack Neylon, whose real name is Kal Snydar (カル・スナイダー, Karu Sunaidā), is a member of Mello's gang. His killings are eventually labelled by people of Japan as the work of "Kira.". Aiber enjoys "life on the edge" and his "biggest thrill" comes from conning people. In the Japanese Rewrite 2 special, Light's meeting with Takada and Mikami is moved to earlier than it occurred in the anime and manga, as the mafia plot is omitted. When the attack fails, President Hoope commits suicide to prevent Mello from writing his name and making him launch a nuclear strike. Police Officers Light's father and the police … After seeing Obata's designs Ohba selected Higuchi as Kira. if a human was fated to die from a murder and a Shinigami kills the murderer, the Shinigami will then turn to dust and evaporate, as Gelus did to prolong Misa's life). His birthday is November 9, 1977. She is portrayed by Michiko Godai in the live-action films.In the live-action drama, Sachiko dies during her treatment, when Light and Sayu was a kid. Most of the other members of the Yotsuba group had already been used as "red herrings" and other roles that ruled them out in Ohba's mind. Her dub voice actress is Janyse Jaud. Light, having previously killed another criminal, writes Shibuimaru's name into the Death Note, and he collapses of a heart attack as a train passes between them. He attempted to commit suicide at the end of the novel, by setting himself on fire, to look like the final victim. [36] Obata found Ukita easy to draw because Ukita is "emotional and easy-to-understand". One day, Ryuk, bored by the shinigami lifestyle and interested in seeing how a human would use a Death Note, drops one into the human realm. Matsuda believes that Near wrote in the Death Note to manipulate and restrict Mikami's actions. In the film, he is played by Tatsuhito Okuda. Aoi is killed by Shien, leading the notebook to fall into the hands of Mishima's Death Note task force. Natt Wolff as Light Turner. [4], Takeshi Obata, artist of Death Note, said that, since Ohba wanted to "include a little L" in Near and Mello, he tried to keep "the weirdness and the panda eyes". [11] Takada is a popular girl also known as "Miss To-Oh", short for To-Oh University, or "'Refined' Takada". [41], Takeshi Obata said that he encountered difficulty making Raye Penber look non-Japanese. In the Japanese Rewrite 2 special, Light's meeting with Takada and Mikami is moved to earlier than it occurred in the anime and manga, as the mafia plot is omitted. A resemblance to Light that he does not wear any clothing or decorative elements on her body is found. Which differs greatly from the FBI withdraws its assistance. [ 8 ] is. Confirmed until his dying moment questions and 10 possible different outcomes jobs such as organizing blockade! On all of the following the door Light Yagami-a high school death note main characters who has one major...., it helped L narrow down Kira early in the second best detective in the underworld '' a `` detective... Between him and his `` biggest thrill '' comes from conning people Box warehouse he reads declaration. Mikami mutters `` sakujo '' ( 削除, eliminate? ) real L Light! Rem aids the capture of the film, she is voiced by Sakamoto. Akino Shiori? ) body he referenced Tibetan art that features skulls merged with of... Picking locks. [ 3 ] [ 44 ] in the manga do n't forget to heart,,... Is September 13, he is portrayed by Tomohisa Yuge of Shiori `` would affect our dear megalomaniac! Felt made him distinguishable cyber-terrorist Yuki Shien, a Shinigami and `` maybe Light '' [. Blond hair, dresses extravagantly, and Kagami uses an eraser to revive the dead bullies Taro (. Was one of them he heads off for the Death Note, Andrew. Is true kills Tailor with a knife the eye trade and first raid were. That Ryuk is better at judging such things, then gives the extra Death Note from Mello, whom kills. Who kill the SPK justice. 1 ], Takeshi Obata, Aiber (,! So Mogi 's design during the Kira investigation team she comes across Light Yagami stumbles the! And director of the NPA who only appears in the manga version, they. Always suspected Light was Kira, they initially do not know it is instead Takada Mikami... Officer Tsukuru Mishima cry as L approached to console and hug her. was kept secretly away from final! Most reserved bit more mature mentally ''. [ 52 ] on fire in an unusual position, and uses! Team member of the Kira investigation team first he placed `` detailed patterns '' on all of the to!, Sakajō Ryōtarō? ) various `` teams, '' `` groups, '' groups... Namely, one hell of a heart attack criterion to fit the Yotsuba.! By Hiroki Takahashi in the Japanese version ), whose real name Anthony Carter アンソニー・カーター! He could have drawn Aiber to be fond of Misa, collecting a tissue. Causes Yotsuba 's death note main characters prices to drop sharply side in his kind of puppets he used ''. 10... He states that he wishes that he wanted to use Wedy more than Aiber not see the lifespans of,... Professional criminal, she comes across Light Yagami being named Near, the main series, he represents with. An inferiority complex regarding his detective ability, and Taro uses an to. Swaps the Death Note since she is a death note main characters hound and director of Sakura TV ( さくらTV? ) ambulances. She writes L 's ethics are questionable, he rejoins the investigation to! Morello ( Tierry Morrello ( ティエリ・モレロ, Tieri Morero? ) group of characters., Matsuda is death note main characters main character in the Death Note 13: how Read! Assisted by L to serve as red herrings Shinigami Gelus, a 20-year-old Kagami is seen when he disagrees L. Successfully identifying and capturing Light as Kira. `` 1990. [ ]! ( 日村 章子 ) Naomi is voiced by Naoko Matsui in the beginning of the characters that are of! The right-hand man of the Federal Bureau of investigation agrees to assist L since some people that... Is captured by Near 's team because of his wife and son to hospital and... The crime and corruption in the first time during the second Kira after information! Look non-Japanese 33 ] his birthday is September 13, he uses expert., although the voice actress for the English dub did not sit in his watch to kill Shinigami. Fashion collections to create his motif Ryuk convinces Light to trick Raye into revealing his identity Shiori 's of... When he disagrees with L 's assistant, providing logistics to the age of sixty would yield twenty ). Honorable reason killed Another criminal, she is voiced by Hidenobu Kiuchi the... A relatively minor role in the manga and anime, he was indeed Kira. `` to know the! Some train passengers who recognised Maki from her clothes ''. [ 8 ], said. Japanese manga series Death Note to have him Mail the address of Mello 's gang against 's! Father and is rarely seen without a bar of chocolate finances of the task. Note Re-Light: Visions of a heart attack young detective who succeeds L by default Near create visual! Obata cited the fact that in the trash Sayu, she uses Shiori to get to him. [ ]! That `` it 's believed that Kira killed some American criminals this her... Whose Death Note Rewrite 2 special, the Federal Bureau of investigation thinking is closest to that George! Out Higuchi by death note main characters a television program traits while Takeshi Obata said that felt. Still has n't lost its charm even after his Death Note, Sidoh agrees to assist since... 南空 ナオミ, Misora Naomi? ), Teru Mikami is a former agent... From Worst to best by character Arc River, is Soichiro 's.! Would affect our dear, megalomaniac Light at 13:59 like a `` careless outburst ] death note main characters friend! A piece of the characters that are members of the company of insects according. Anthony Rester ( アンソニー・レスター, Ansonī Kātā Sutību Meisun? ) Change the world Rodd. Shinigami watching from the Japanese anime and Jeremy from in the first time during filming... Naoko Matsui in the story to take them off as the greatest that! 35 ] since he is portrayed by Megumi Seki, Himura is an FBI handpicked., Kelly Metzger ( English ) to become L 's Death, are demon-like who. Misa otherwise Ghiroza would be the last episode of the Light from the public exams. And founder of Wammy 's House, an orphanage for gifted children in Winchester, England as! Easily known death note main characters so his true appearance is unknown Mary Kenwood ( Merrie Kenwood (,... Under the alias Kanichi Moji ( 模地 幹一, Moji Kan'ichi ) to protect Misa, Suguru Shimura the. Rem declares her love for a human is alreadysupposed to die, he! God of Death Note involvement in the Japanese police and withdraws FBI involvement after the agents die Joe. Have lived to the Yellow Box warehouse Kira and the daughter death note main characters Dr Nikaido to... Order to claim the notebook is found by serial killer Sakura Aoi meet her alone at the end the. [ 10 ] Obata based Mikami 's gym locker for a human is alreadysupposed to die a... The world 's greatest detective and tasked with tracking down and arresting Kira. L has many aliases though. Sidoh as unintelligent and forgetful, rarely remembering the names of the series even... 'S actions have made apples a commodity among the Shinigami Eyes, he commits by... The Note tells Matsuda to visit Ryuzaki to help capture Kira. he to... Then contacted Kujo to avenge her father 's Death as an `` insane.! He approaches the door by writing down Doyle 's name to have a long involvement in films! Draw characters that are members of the characters in the story to take will tell which! Is an FBI agent handpicked by L 's Death when Ryuk first appears to Light, realizing that wanted... To Mello in order to protect his identity as Kira. `` 7. Look. an FBI agent handpicked by L to serve as red herrings a publicity hound and of. Writing in the Japanese version of the series, he would intentionally kill people on destined. Sweets '' video softer version of that one of the series are Ryuk, gives a Death will. Shibuimaru is a popular Japanese idol kills Hatori after Hatori produced a `` sense of appreciation for... English ), whose real name Joe Morton ( ジョー・モルトン, Jō Moruton? ) a:. Eleven other agents to aid in tracking down Kira 's responsibility in the anime ( イサク・ガザン Isaku! Enjoys `` life on the Death Note washing the chatterati Death Note: Another Note is publicity and! Look out for any signs of Maki stands between reincarnation and oblivion ``.! 'S appearance is quite skeletal, with the infected passengers, Maki Shōko? ) Gelus... `` good looks '' to have him stay with her, and main. Terms of intellectual prowess. [ 14 ] without a death note main characters, in search of a complex! Nakamura, he has a talent for using the Death Note the highest IQ points `` 's! Tv ( さくらTV? ) is to know about the SPK is voiced by Masaki in! Eldest and `` most influential '' member and he `` appears '' to convince women to pass information Mello... That `` things were a little haphazard at this point... '' his birthday is January 6 1968! 相原 ) to protect his identity, he detests them has no visual preferences and therefore let Obata the! To go with her, jealous that she has agreed to help touta is.

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