Page 1 of 7 - Brynjolf, Vex, Karliah -- custom spouses and marriage options - posted in File topics: I'm currently working on making Brynjolf and Vex marriable and may add Karliah as well. You will find a bunch of funny moments down the road, oh and a lot of stealing shit!! Percy and Vex secretly eloped with each other during the year off. ReportSave. More freedom is nice. All ill say to you implantedwall14 is have a look around Riften, you might find clues there. She will not react to the Dragonborn, until joining the Thieves' Guild. Out of all the npcs that are not an option for marriage, which ones would you like to marry? It's because my mod was simple and didn't add the (even unvoiced) dialogues for those NPCs. Vex cant be married. You can follow the question or vote as helpful, but you cannot reply to this thread. If you're a male Nord, you could marry a male Orc if you wish! To be Honest i thoguh vex and elvin was a couple. I would like to know if your able to marry Vex from the Thiefs Guild? Can you marry Vex? All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Here are the guild members who I THINK like her,Delvin (of corse),Brynjold and vald. dialogue. Oh, the possibilities! A subreddit dedicated to the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. And you cant remarry so pick carefully. On the table furthest from Vekel's counter, or closest to the small bridge Dirge stands on. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. I tried after getting my 1st wife, either Skyrim wont let me cheat or you cant :). In some cases, you'll need to carry out a quest for your selected person before you can continue. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. 1. share. I have yet to try out the marriage in this game. Re: As A Man, You Can't Avoid It.. This is what the note said, "A Warning", "Delvin, master of sneaking, huh. I dont know why but what people say is that the secretly likes many guild members but they dont know it. :c Mine would be Teldryn Sero, Captain Lonely-Gale, and then of course, Serana. Many people like Vex the most because of her temper. For other uses, see Marriage.. Back to vex, in the Ragged Flagon you will find a note named, "A Warning" read it and you may be as scared as I am about her like yikes! Is there a reason why Vex cant be married. She is quite sure of her abilities as she tells the Dragonborn not even to think of replacing her and to follow whatever she says. If I ever catch you trying to sneak a peak at me while Im bathing in the lake EVER again, Ill cut off your most vaulble asset. User Info: Angrywolves. The first one was saadia that I couldn’t. Remember to set the NPC's relationship rank to "like" you. Vex is one of the Thieves Guild's best infiltrators, with a fierce temper to match. Here are some people I think she likes,Brynjold,Vald,Delvin,and the dragonborn if Im wrong dont judge me. She is affectionately known as "our little Vex" by Delvin and Brynjolf. Its the devil that has turned things around with divorce and all that. ". However, searching for love can be hard in a world fraught with civil war and dragons . If the person is a hireable follower, you'll likely just need to purchase their services. For The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim on the Xbox 360, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "can i get vex to marry me? I can't figure it out. my second option was vex and I can not marry her too. Is it possible to marry Vex without a console? She's not available for marriage. All rights reserved. Marriage is a gameplay element in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.After obtaining the Amulet of Mara, the Dragonborn has the option to engage in marriage with an eligible character regardless of either party's gender.There are no eligible Khajiit, Bosmer, male Redguard, or male Altmer candidates. Thanks for your feedback, it helps us improve the site. In game, of course. Vex. When summoned, exactly three vexes appear near the evoker. I'm not using the standard marriage quest but rather creating a entirely new, custom marriage route. Otherwise the spouse stays at whatever home you choose. Romance: Begin romance after TG03: Dampened Spirits You can take him to a Player Home and have a drink together :) Ask about marriage after *completing* TG09: Darkness Returns Ask again after TGLeadership: Becoming Guildmaster Go to Temple of Mara to get married. I'm currently working on making Brynjolf and Vex marriable and may add Karliah as well. She would have been perfect for a Tsundere wife. President Muhammadu Buhari rode to office on the major campaign promise that his administration will put a final end to the Boko Haram insurgency. Guy no vex, if you no be virgin too, we are all whores Zzor how far na Virginprincess are you truly what ur username implies? If you are playing on the PC you can use a console command to marry her anyway. She can be hired as a follower, after which you can marry her without any quests. Chr0noid 9 years ago #1. (READ MY OTHER COMMENT ABOUT THE NOTE.). The Vex originated from before the beginning of the universe as highly tenacious patterns fleeing destruction at the battle fought outside of cause and effect. Gender doesn't matter. i like the fact that delvin the little sneak has a crush on vex and i agree with azzura knight, Vex cant be married. Sappire had a bad temper but if you talk to her before you talk some guy, she will say "I dont have any bussnies with you, so get out of my face!" i Have to read that... can someone tell me where to exactly find it? PS, More comments from me coming soon. A woman should never go into marriage with the intention of gathering her vex money so she can move incase anything goes wrong. I started a topic to discuss the marriage features. The point is that you can keep followers like Lydia but also choose anyone in Skirim to be your house-wife/house-husband if you so choose it. I think I should go for Lydia. Vex once caught Delvin peeping on her while she was bathing and left a note threatening him not to … The Elder Scrolls IV: Knights of the Nine. So basically if you want your husband/wife to follow you you have to marry someone who's already a hireable follower. Along the way we'll be seeing exactly how buggy marriage in Skyrim can be. She threatened to cut off his wang if she caught him spying on her bathing again From these primordial origins the Vex began to spread.The Vex appeared on Venus from an unknown location by way of transfer gates t… Vexes spawn as part of an evoker's summoning attack; the evoker signals this attack by producing off-white smoke and a high-pitched horn-like sound. - click on the NPC - setrelationshiprank player 4 (can be done before or after you add them to 19809 … Before the Dragonborn showed up, she failed a job with Delvin Mallory to set an example of the Goldenglow Estate by burning some beehives. © Valve Corporation. I have bad news for you : i've tried this in the past (you can find my only uploader mod on the nexus for that) to let us marry unique voiced NPC like Frea or Serana and it didn't work at all. Read through the bible and see and understand Gods plans for marriage. Now you talk to her she will say stuff about her childhood I mean I just feel so bad for her. View Entire Discussion (5 Comments) More posts from the skyrim community. Genesis 4:19 And Lamech took unto him two wives: the name of the one was Adah, and the name of the other Zillah.. Genesis 29:28 BEYAHHHH!! This thread is locked. NO, Lydia might seem well in the beginning.
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